Dr. Toni LaMotta’s Testimonials

Here are a few samples of what Dr. Toni’s clients are saying.

Toni is an amazing speaker known for presenting thought-provoking content with heart-felt warmth. I have heard her speak on numerous occasions and have always been impressed by her ability to connect with her audience. Invite Toni to speak to your group, and you’ll find yourself looking for opportunities to have her back again and again.
Naomi Karten, author, speaker

The participants were unanimous in their feelings that it was a very
positive and unforgettable experience which will help them to do their jobs
better – both as a team and individually. They especially appreciated the
way the workshop was tailored to fit the specific needs of the team and
to their individual capabilities and personalities.
Robert G. Tripp, Pennzoil Products Company

I would like to take this opportunity to commend you on the exceptional
presentation you gave our group. I am passing your name to my other clients
and recommending them to call on you for their presentation need.
Charles A. Poyner, VP Compucon Group, Inc.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the helpful ideas
you so joyfully shared. I am personally using many of these already. I look forward to hearing you
again – and again.
Penny Fox, Successful Asset Preservation Seminars

Without your contribution, the company would not have achieved the financial
success that it has evidenced by our making the Inc. 500 list of America’s
fastest growing companies.
Joanne Culver, for the entire gang at Provista Software

Wow – it was as if the workshop was specifically tailored for our needs.
The time was well spent and I look forward to your working with other groups
in our organization soon.
CJ Martin, AT&T

I am still getting phone calls about your program. Thank you so much
for making our last program of the year such a success! Hope to see you
again soon.
Jim Boyd, New England DATA group

You are truly an exceptional presenter! You made everyone think and you
were entertaining, and chuck full of content. The evaluations were off the
Elaine Colvin, ANNA Symposium

My life will never be the same. Thank You
D. Bredemann, Sage Play, Inc.

Thank you for gracing our meeting. Your evaluations were all outstanding.
The planners just could not have been more impressed!  You’ll be on
our platform again — and again.
Jeff Bernstein, FOCUS User Group International

You have a unique way of connecting with your audience, making them feel
comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time. Thank you for making us
all better individuals and better change agents.
S. Morgan, Pennzoil



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  1. Dr. Toni says:

    Who are you? Donations are always welcome… :-))
    Do pass the word on – especially about Conscious Aging… New product coming out soon and I’m looking for some beta testers who want to be front runners. Are you one?

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