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Female Keynote Speaker

When was the last time you looked at what is working
rather than what needs to be ‘fixed’ – in your own or your organization’s life?

Are you seeing the Aging  process as a Crisis or Opportunity?

Are you ready and willing  to experience true Transformation rather than simple Change?

Keynotes and break-outs that help individuals and corporations
to get CLEAR and understand the spiritual principles behind aging and change..


Each of these titles have several possible topics. Every topic can be
expanded for an entire presentation – or You can select the topic or topics
you wish to have emphasized. All talks are customized to meet the needs of
the audience.

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Midlife: an “I” Opening Experience

1. Lessons from the Dragonfly – Living with Transition

2.The Spirituality of Aging

Steps for Reinventing Yourself

3. Don’t Change – Transform

4  Jump Over not In : Overcoming the Obstacles to Change

6. Making New Agreements

6. From What Is to What You REALLY Want

7. Stages of Organizational Growth: From Making It Happen to Allowing and “Making It Welcome”

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Listen to a part of a
presentation where Dr. Toni speaks to a Unity Church group on Gratitude or Complaint

Dr. Toni LaMotta is an award-winning speaker, master teacher,  and
#1 best-selling author. In all her presentations,, Toni moves hearts as well as minds. She asks provocative questions that cause audience members to go within and find their own answers. Using principles of positive psychology and appreciative learning, she focuses on inspiration rather than motivation, ‘allowing’ rather than ‘making’ things happen and encourages intuition as a form of personal and group leadership.

She is the author of
Recognition: The Quality Way! and the best-seller: What You REALLY Want, Wants You. She is
also the author of Reinvent Midlife – a popular
bi-weekly inspirational e-zine that has a world-wide distribution. Her clients say that she encourages them to find their own answers (the light already within) and brings out their best talent
while fostering a true cultural transformation– and she makes it all fun!

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