Are you challenged by the aging process?
Join me and learn about conscious aging, aging gracefully and letting go

of the fear of aging and the fear of death

What would your life look like if you no longer had thoughts like –

  • my age is stopping me;Conscious Aging

  • I no longer have the looks and body I once had?

  • I don’t have enough money saved for the future?

Would you like to see what the Aging Process  REALLY has to teach you?

“The dragonfly doesn’t get it’s true colors until it reaches maturity”

Aging Gracefully – aging can be a time to experience and reveal our true colors as

The aging process can be a time of Great Spiritual Growth. 

Join me as I explore the meaning of Conscious Aging.  When you sign up for the video, you will also be
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a place for reflection on the Conscious Aging and the Spirituality of Aging.

“Hi – I’m Dr. Toni LaMotta
and I’ve been there.  I’ve changed my life multiple times and each change got a little easier and I uncovered more of my real self.

My story may be different from yours – I was a Roman Catholic nun, turned computer programmer, dinner theater actress, training company owner, pastor of 3 New Thought Churches, online marketer – and now a keynote speaker, author and spiritual counselor and teacher. WHEW!

I’ve reinvented myself over and over and  I’ve learned some secrets and spiritual principles that brought about true spiritual transformation rather than just quick fixes. I’ve been supporting others in the process of spiritual growth for their midlife transition, by helping them to get their own clarity and
take the steps necessary to move their lives forward. I want to share what I have learned
about adult development and conscious aging with you. Get a copy of the Video and join me on the journey. I look forward to getting to know you.”
Dr. Toni LaMotta
Conscious Aging Connection

“Uncovering Your Authentic Self by Celebrating Conscious Aging

through Spiritual Growth in Midlife & Beyond”


2 thoughts on “Aging

  1. Hello Toni,

    I love my gray hair! I’ve done a lot in my lifetime so far, too, but you must be 125 years old.

    What is the significance of the dragonflies, besides being beautiful?


    • What makes you think I’m 125? LOL
      Dragonflies don’t get their true colors until they reach maturity.
      I think that’s true for humans too.
      Dr Toni

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